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DAFCO (Medical Supplies) - DAFCO


DAFCO is a company that was founded on 1998 by Dr. Fahad J. Al Shammary, a business man who recognized the need around the Kingdom for high quality products for academic & research institutions and medical facilities distributed in a timely manner at a lower price, Because of his carefully engineered plan, DAFCO have become a leading provider of Scientific, Educational & Research Laboratory equipment & supplies in addition to Medical Laboratory products.

Today, we have alliances with over 30 reputed, distinguished and worldwide market leaders in the field of scientific educational laboratories and medical industry. We pride ourselves in forming innovative relations with suppliers and customers, that respect individual and cultural differences and result in a better outcome that make life better for all of us. Selection of the best (not necessarily the biggest) manufacturers that proved themselves in educational & medical practice ensures that DAFCO offers best products and services of the highest efficiency and productivity. Our company's motto, "One stop sourcing covers all your laboratory, educational & medical needs", our assurance that we will endeavor to locate all of our client's specific product needs at competitive prices, with customer service being second to none. We think of this market as customers, and we listen to them. We listened when numerous customers told us that they would like "one stop sourcing" for laboratory, educational & medical products. We responded by offering a wide variety of products for universities, colleges, hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices and scientific & research laboratories. Our job is to make customers lives easier and better.

Since its inception, we have made it our rule to supply the products to customers on the basis of superior quality, speedy delivery and reasonable price. DAFCO objectives are consistent with its commitment to product quality and to grow together with its customers, continually expanding product range. Quality is the company's first priority and it is also one of the more crucial requirements of all customers. To ensure that DAFCO continues to improve and enhance the quality expectations of its customers, an effective customer complaint handling procedure is also in place to promptly resound to any quality complaints.

Quality Principles

1. We want satisfied customers. That is why the highest quality of our products and services is one of our major corporate objectives.

2. The customer is the judge for our quality. His verdict on our products and services is decisive.

3. Our quality goal is always "zero defects" or "100% quality".

4. Not only do our customers assess the quality of our products, but also the quality of our services. Deliveries must be punctual.

5. Inquiries, offers, samples, and complaints must all be dealt with promptly and thoroughly. It is imperative that agreed deadlines be met.

6. Each and every employee in the company contributes towards achieving our quality goals. It is, therefore, the responsibility of every employee to ensure that their work is of the highest standard. Anyone who identifies a problem which may jeopardize quality, but does not have the authority to remedy it themselves, must report the matter immediately to the undersigned.

7. All work must be properly carried out from the very beginning. This not only improves quality, but also reduces our costs. Quality increases cost-effectiveness.

8. Not only faults themselves must be eliminated, but also their causes. Prevention of fault has priority over elimination of faults.

9. Even when painstaking care has been taken, faults can occasionally happen. This is why we have introduced numerous and proven methods to identify faults at an early stage. These methods must be rigorously applied.

10. Ensuring that our quality goals are achieved is an important management duty. When assessing the performance of our employees, particular emphasis is placed on the quality of their work.

11. Our quality directives are compulsory. Further customer requirements must always be accommodated.





Our Main Suppliers

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